Take Note with me

Every weekday on KHMG, I have the privilege of discussing a theme or topic from the word of God between songs on Take Note live. The podcast version features a ten-minute recap of one of our favorite programs from the previous week, minus the music.

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Ransom for All1 Timothy 2:1-6PDF
Keep the UnityEphesians 4:1-7PDF
Search MePsalm 139:23-24PDF
More PerfectlyActs 18:24-28PDF
The People ShoutedJoshua 6:1-25PDF
After the SpiritRomans 8:1-9PDF
The Same Mind1 Corinthians 1:10-21PDF
I Obtained Mercy1 Timothy 1:12-17PDF
Some Other ManActs 8:26-39PDF
Spiritual UnderstandingColossians 1:3-17PDF
All ThingsVarious, New TestamentPDF
The Chastening of the LordHebrews 12:4-11PDF
Be ObedientEphesians 6:1-9PDF
Who am I?Exodus 3:11-20PDF
ReviewHebrews 11PDF
Fiery Trial1 Peter 4:12-16PDF
Good Days1 Peter 3:8-16PDF
As He Walked1 John 2:1-6PDF
Well AbleNumbers 13:1-14:9PDF
The ResurrectionJohn 11:23-27PDF
To ServeVarious, New TestamentPDF
ExhortActs, HebrewsPDF
From the HeartRomans 6:11-18PDF
Concerning HimselfLuke 24:13-27PDF
Great GulfLuke 16:19-31PDF
Made NighEphesians 2:11-22PDF
Have Not Charity1 Corinthians 13:1-8PDF
He Hath Declared HimJohn 1:14-18PDF
With GladnessPsalm 100PDF
Given to IdolatryActs 17:16-31PDF
Led of the SpiritGalatians 5:16-26PDF
In All ThisJob 1PDF
The Right HandHebrews 1:1-6PDF
Exceedingly MadActs 26:9-15PDF
Yielding FruitJeremiah 17:5-10PDF
For My SakeMatthew 10:16-22PDF
The Mountains QuakeNahum 1:2-9PDF
Great PersecutionActs 8:1-8PDF
Judgement and Justice1 Kings 10:1-9PDF
As Dear ChildrenEphesians 5:1-7PDF
With ThanksgivingPhilippians 4:4-8PDF
The God of PeaceJudges 6:1-24PDF
Mine HonourMalachi 1:6-12PDF
Because He BelievedDaniel 6:1-23PDF
The Rain DescendedMatthew 7:24-29PDF
Love Your EnemiesMatthew 5:43-48PDF
Fear and Great JoyMatthew 28:1-10PDF
They That are SickMatthew 9:9-13PDF
Of Mercy and JudgementPsalm 101PDF
The Liberal SoulProverbs 11:18-25PDF
Out of TroubleProverbs 11:1-8PDF
One SinnerLuke 15:1-10PDF
A Wise SonProverbs 10:1-10PDF
Shine as LightsPhilippians 2:12-18PDF
Not Seen2 Corinthians 4:7-18PDF
Everlasting LifeJohn 3:16-21PDF
Whosoever WillMark 8:31-37PDF
Endure All Things2 Timothy 2:8-13PDF
In All Things2 Timothy 2:1-7PDF
Yet the Youngest1 Samuel 16:1-13PDF
Power to the FaintIsaiah 40:28-31PDF
An Advocate1 John 2:1-6PDF
God is Light1 John 1:5-9PDF
CourageJoshua 1:1-10PDF
The Beginning of KnowledgeProverbs 1:1-9PDF
They Cried the MoreMatthew 20:29-34PDF
TemptationJames 1:12-15PDF
Study to Teach1 Timothy 4:6-16PDF
Study Means LearningPsalm 119:97-106PDF
Study Means ActionJames 1:22-25PDF
Study is TransformingHebrews, James, PhilippiansPDF
Study is ImportantJohn 17:9-11PDF
He Did EatGenesis 3:1-19PDF
Keep My WordsJohn 14:15-26PDF
In HimColossians 2:6-15PDF
An Example1 Peter 2:9-23PDF
RememberDeuteronomy 15, 16, 24PDF
Law of FaithRomans 3:24-31PDF
Proverbs 12 (Part 2)Proverbs 12:16-28PDF
Proverbs 12 (Part 1)Proverbs 12:1-15PDF
Knew NotJohn 20:1-18PDF
Without WorksJames 2:14-26PDF
It is of FaithRomans 4:13-25PDF
Sorrowful Luke 18:18-27PDF
The HeartVarious, New TestamentPDF
Sanctify ThemJohn 17:9-20PDF
Selected PsalmsPsalm 23-25PDF
All Men1 Timothy 2:1-6PDF
Lacking WisdomJames 1:2-8PDF
I Beseech YouRomans 12:1-9PDF
ThinkingPhilippians 4:8PDF
Be Made WholeJohn 5:1-18PDF
Come and SeeJohn 1:43-50PDF
Aged and YoungTitus 2:1-8PDF
Forget NotPsalm 103PDF
Whole DutyEcclesiastes 12:13-14PDF
I Will FollowLuke 9:57-62PDF
He Had CompassionLuke 10:25-37PDF
Sent ForthActs 13-14PDF
Serving and SupervisingEphesians 6:5-8PDF
Your CallingEphesians 4:1-16PDF
Fruit of the SpiritGalatians 5:22-26PDF
Who is He?Various, New TestamentPDF
Unrighteousness of MenRomans 1:18-32PDF
A Wicked GenerationGenesis 6:5-22PDF
Trust in the LordProverbs 3:1-18PDF
Consider One AnotherHebrews 10:24-25PDF
A Father's InstructionProverbs 4:1-22PDF
His YokeMatthew 11:28-30PDF
The God Who RevivesEzekiel 37:1-14PDF
Take Up Your CrossMark 8:34-38PDF
Love One AnotherJohn 13:34-35PDF
Be Faithful1 Corinthians 4:1-5PDF