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To every creatureMarkDiscipleship, Evangelism
The first commandmentMarkLove, Relationships
No more twainMarkFamily, Marriage
He began to teach themMarkGospel, Prophecy
And were filledMarkFaith, Power
Even the wind and seaMarkJesus, Power
They that are sickMarkJesus, Salvation
They were fishersMarkDiscipleship, Evangelism
Ye bring more wrathNehemiahJudgement, Obedience
On the sabbath dayNehemiahObedience, Rest
And confessed their sinsNehemiahRepentance, Sin
The people were attentiveNehemiahScripture, Worship
A faithful manNehemiahFaithfulness, Leadership
Wrought of our GodNehemiahBlessing, Testimony
Strengthen my handsNehemiahCourage, Prayer
Remember the LordNehemiahBattle, Courage
Had a mind to workNehemiahFaithfulness, Persecution
Over against his houseNehemiahLeadership, Wisdom
Grieved them exceedinglyNehemiahLeadership, Persecution
That I may build itNehemiahBlessing, Relationships
Grant him mercyNehemiahMercy, Obedience
Hear the prayerNehemiahRepentance, Sin
Affliction and reproachNehemiahDefeat, Hope
The heart meltethNahumJudgement, Mercy
The day of troubleNahumFaith, Trials
The Lord hath his wayNahumJudgement, Power
Life is in his SonI JohnGospel, Salvation
If a man sayI JohnLove, Obedience
Love is of GodI JohnDiscipleship, Love
Try the spiritsI JohnDoctrine, Wisdom
For the brethrenI John Ministry, Sacrifice
The sons of GodI JohnLove, Worldliness
All that is in the worldI JohnSin, Worldliness
That we know himI JohnObedience, Salvation
If we confessI JohnDiscipleship, Sin
No darkness at allI JohnDiscipleship, Testimony
Blessed be the LordRuthBlessing, Salvation
The part of a kinsmanRuthCommitment, Family
But abide hereRuthBlessing, Family
Let me now goRuthFamily, Grace
Home again emptyRuthFaith, Trials
She might returnRuthCommitment, Family
May become effectualPhilemonBlessing, Fellowship
Preach the wordII TimothyMinistry, Speech
Inspiration of GodII TimothyDiscipleship, Scripture
Follow righteousnessII TimothyDiscipleship, Righteousness
Teach others alsoII TimothyDiscipleship, Teaching
Sound wordsII TimothyDoctrine, Scripture
Therefore I fledJonahGrace, Mercy
Nineveh believed GodJonahObedience, Repentance
The second timeJonahGrace, Mercy
Then Jonah prayedJonahDeliverance, Prayer
A great fishJonahConsequences, Pride
Exceedingly afraidJonahConsequences, Obedience
Rose up to fleeJonahObedience, Submission
More than his beginningJobBlessing, Trials
Behold, I am vileJobHumility, Pride
Where wast thou?JobCreation, Humility
God is mightyJobPower, Wisdom
I am innocentJobPride, Sin
The wrath of ElihuJobPride, Speech
Weighed in an even balanceJobCharacter, Judgement
As in months pastJobKnowledge, Patience
That is wisdomJobUnderstanding, Wisdom
My necessary foodJobScripture, Trials
If thou returnJobBlessing, Relationships
My redeemer livethJobFaith, Salvation
Miserable comfortersJobComfort, Relationships
Full of troubleJobFaith, Trials
Though he slay meJobCharacter, Faith
Thine iniquity deservethJobKnowledge, Speech
Thou dost destroy meJobFaith, Trials
He is not a manJobFaith, Trials
Pure and uprightJobSin, Trials
Neither had I restJobRest, Trials
And none spake a wordJobComfort, Relationships
Did not Job sinJobSin, Trials
He holdeth fastJobCharacter, Trials
Then Job aroseJobTrials, Worship
An hedge about himJobBlessing, Faithfulness
One that feared GodJobCharacter, Obedience
Them that fearedMalachiFear, Obedience
But ye are departedMalachiObedience, Religion
My name shall be greatMalachiSacrifice, Worship
Where is mine honour?MalachiReligion, Worship
Joyful in their KingPsalmsJoy, Praise
And all peoplePsalmsGrace, Praise
Them that fear himPsalmsBattle, Fear
Happy is hePsalmsFaith, Hope
Shall be praisedProverbsFear, Praise
In their own eyesProverbsFamily, Pride
The people rejoiceProverbsLeadership, Righteousness
Plenty of breadProverbsFaithfulness, Stewardship
A wise sonProverbsObedience, Relationships
Teach all nationsMatthewDiscipleship, Evangelism
For he is risenMatthewJesus, Resurrection
They led him awayMatthewJesus, Salvation
Deny me thriceMatthewFaith, Humility
Love the Lord thy GodMatthewCommitment, Love
Things which are Caesar'sMatthewObedience, Servanthood
Male and femaleMatthewCreation, Marriage
Tell him his faultMatthewForgiveness, Sin
Into the hands of menMatthewGrace, Resurrection
Let him deny himselfMatthewCommitment, Servanthood
Far from meMatthewReligion, Worship
They did all eatMatthewFaith, Power
All these thingsMatthewProphecy, Teaching
Come unto meMatthewRest, Trials
Not worthy of meMatthewCommitment, Love
Having no shepherdMatthewEvangelism, Ministry
The Pharisees saw itMatthewPride, Sin
Speak the word onlyMatthewFaith, Jesus
Narrow is the wayMatthewDiscipleship, Faith
Thine own eyeMatthewHumility, Repentance
Treasures upon earthMatthewDiscipleship, Ministry
Seen of menMatthewPrayer, Religion
Love your enemiesMatthewLove, Persecution
Light of the worldMatthewEvangelism, Testimony
Fishers of menMatthewEvangelism, Ministry
I am well pleasedMatthewJesus, Obedience
Prepare ye the wayMatthewEvangelism, Prophecy
In Bethlehem of JudaeaMatthewProphecy, Scripture
God with usMatthewJesus, Salvation
Work of thy handIsaiahHumility, Submission
We all do fadeIsaiahSin, Forgiveness
The great goodnessIsaiahBlessing, Mercy
He will have mercyIsaiahMercy, Repentance
He was woundedIsaiahJesus, Sacrifice
Upon the mountainsIsaiahGospel, Evangelism
Shall be for everIsaiahHope, Righteousness
Light of the GentilesIsaiahJesus, Salvation
I am thy GodIsaiahFear, Hope
Less than nothingIsaiahPraise, Worship
Woe to themIsaiahFaith, Trials
All they that waitIsaiahGrace, Mercy
In perfect peaceIsaiahFaithfulness, Peace
The Lord hath spokenIsaiahFaith, Victory
I will ascendIsaiahPride, Sin
God is my salvationIsaiahFear, Salvation
A root of JesseIsaiahJesus, Salvation
A child is bornIsaiahJesus, Prophecy
The Lord himselfIsaiahJesus, Salvation
I am undoneIsaiahGrace, Holiness
Darkness for lightIsaiahJustice, Righteousness
Reward of his handsIsaiahRighteousness, Sin
The lofty looksIsaiahHumility, Judgement
White as snowIsaiahForgiveness, Sin
Ye might have lifeJohnJesus, Salvation
Peace be unto youJohnPeace, Resurrection
No power at allJohnLeadership, Power
And they smote himJohnJesus, Love
I spake openlyJohnGospel, Salvation
Whom seek ye?JohnJesus, Power
Thy word is truthJohnDiscipleship, Scripture
Be of good cheerJohnPeace, Victory
Remembereth no moreJohnJoy, Trials
Not of the worldJohnPersecution, Worldliness
Abide in meJohnDiscipleship, Fruit
But the ComforterJohnDiscipleship, Obedience
Prepare a placeJohnHeaven, Jesus
Shall all men knowJohnDiscipleship, Love
What shall I say?JohnGospel, Jesus
By reason of himJohnPersecution, Testimony
Because of the peopleJohnMinistry, Teaching
Believest thou this?JohnFaith, Trials
More abundantlyJohnDiscipleship, Salvation
Who is he?JohnFaith, Understanding
And I wentJohnFaith, Obedience
Before Abraham wasJohnPromises, Prophecy
My disciples indeedJohnDiscipleship, Freedom
Light of lifeJohn Discipleship, Wisdom
Let him come unto meJohnFaith, Hope
And not dieJohnBlessing, Salvation
True breadJohnHope, Salvation
What are they?JohnFaith, Power
Search the scripturesJohnProphecy, Scripture
I have no manJohnGrace, Hope
His own wordJohnFaith, Scripture
Come see a manJohnEvangelism, Testimony
Shall never thirstJohnBlessing, Contentment
He that believethJohnJesus, Salvation
Men loved darknessJohnSin, Worldliness
Be born againJohnGrace, Salvation
He knew all menJohnFaith, Knowledge
Any good thing?JohnDiscipleship, Salvation
The Lamb of GodJohnSalvation, Sin
Received him notJohnCreation, Salvation
The Word was GodJohnDoctrine, Jesus
One mediatorI TimothyGospel, Salvation
For all menI TimothyFaithfulness, Prayer
To save sinnersI TimothySalvation, Sin
Pray for usII ThessaloniansMinistry, Prayer
Jesus Christ himselfII ThessaloniansComfort, Hope
Your faith growethII ThessaloniansFaith, Love
The will of GodI ThessaloniansPrayer, Thanksgiving
Even as othersI ThessaloniansHope, Salvation
Ye heard of usI ThessaloniansScripture, Teaching
To be put in trustI ThessaloniansGospel, Ministry
The whole duty of man
EcclesiastesFear, Obedience
Shall tell the matterEcclesiastesCharacter, Speech
Do it with thy mightEcclesiastesServanthood, Stewardship
In the bosom of foolsEcclesiastesCharacter, Sin
Is not filledEcclesiastesContentment, Greed
Be not rashEcclesiastesSin, Speech
Better than oneEcclesiastesChurch, Fellowship
All the oppressionsEcclesiastesComfort, Trials
Whatsoever God doethEcclesiastesFruit, Ministry
From the hand of GodEcclesiastesHumility, Stewardship
Among all nationsLukeEvangelism, Resurrection
He is not hereLukeHope, Resurrection
Remember meLukeFaith, Salvation
Not my willLukeSacrifice, Submission
I am readyLukeCommitment, Discipleship
This poor widowLukeGiving, Sacrifice
I restore himLukeSalvation, Sin
He was very sorrowfulLukeCommitment, Discipleship
If ye had faithLukeFaith, Faithfulness
He hath found itLukeLove, Ministry
He cannot beLukeCommitment, Discipleship
Whom ye shall fearLukeCourage, Fear
On a candlestickLukeMinistry, Testimony
He had compassionLukeMinistry, Servanthood
Whithersoever thou goestLukeCommitment, Discipleship
And they did eatLukeMinistry, Power
Believe onlyLukeFaith, Power
Shew how great thingsLukeSalvation, Testimony
He doeth itLukeFaith, Power
Cast out firstLukeFellowship, Judgement
Children of the HighestLukeDiscipleship, Obedience
Thy sins are forgivenLukeForgiveness, Salvation
He hath anointed meLukeLove, Mercy
It is writtenLukeScripture, Temptation
I am not worthyLukeEvangelism, Ministry
All that heard himLukeHumility, Wisdom
Mine eyes have seenLukeGospel, Salvation
Good tidingsLukeGospel, Salvation
An horn of salvationLukeGospel, Salvation
He shall be greatLukeDiscipleship, Ministry
I know bothPhilippiansCharacter, Contentment
Think on these thingsPhilippiansCharacter, Commitment
All things but lossPhilippiansHumility, Testimony
Shine as lightsPhilippiansMinistry, Testimony
He humbled himselfPhilippiansHumility, Obedience
Better than themselvesPhilippiansHumility, Love
Striving togetherPhilippiansChurch, Ministry
Unto the furtherancePhilippiansEvangelism, Persecution
Longsuffering to us-wardII PeterMercy, Repentance
Pollutions of the worldII PeterSin, Victory
There shall beII PeterDoctrine, Teaching
As they were movedII PeterDoctrine, Scripture
Hath given unto usII PeterDiscipleship, Victory
Stedfast in the faithI PeterBattle, Faith
Submit yourselvesI PeterChurch, Discipleship
Which God givethI PeterDiscipleship, Testimony
They speak against youI PeterCharacter, Persecution
Be ye holyI PeterDiscipleship, Holiness
Tried with fireI PeterTestimony, Trials
So had they done itExodusBlessing, Obedience
Unto his friendExodusDiscipleship, Fellowship
The Lord’s sideExodusCommitment, Sin
Set on mischiefExodusCharacter, Leadership
Make us godsExodusSin, Worship
I am the LordExodusDiscipleship, Righteousness
For glory and for beautyExodusMinistry, Testimony
And be obedientExodusCommitment, Obedience
In six daysExodusCreation, Doctrine
How the Lord deliveredExodusPraise, Testimony
Found no waterExodusRest, Temptation
Then sang MosesExodusJoy, Music
No graves in EgyptExodusSalvation, Sin
I will pass throughExodusJudgement, Worship
Israel had lightExodusGrace, Salvation
He that fearedExodusFear, Obedience
He hardened his heartExodusBattle, Rest
I know not the LordExodusFear, Obedience
With all my wondersExodusPower, Victory
Who am I?ExodusObedience, Servanthood
He turned asideExodusDiscipleship, Servanthood
Put the child thereinExodusCommitment, Sacrifice
Saved the men childrenExodusFear, Obedience
I heard a voiceActsEvangelism, Testimony
They could not proveActsJustice, Persecution
And bound themselvesActsMinistry, Persecution
Kept back nothingActsDiscipleship, Teaching
Until midnightActsCommitment, Scripture
Upon your own headsActsEvangelism, Ministry
Three sabbath daysActsCommitment, Ministry
And were forbiddenActsEvangelism, Obedience
Through much tribulationActsPersecution, Testimony
As they ministeredActsMinistry, Missions
But prayer was madeActsPersecution, Prayer
Called Christians firstActsCommitment, Testimony
How much evilActsFaith, Prayer
Opened his mouthActsEvangelism, Speech
He made havockActsMinistry, Persecution
Ye have been nowActsFaithfulness, Sin
Not able to resistActsSpeech, Wisdom
Serve tablesActsChurch, Servanthood
Filled JerusalemActsEvangelism, Persecution
More than unto GodActsEvangelism, Obedience
Ye denied the Holy OneActsRepentance, Salvation
Such as I haveActsBlessing, Grace
It was not possibleActsDoctrine, Salvation
The times or the seasonsActsFaith, Knowledge
Fervent prayerJamesPrayer, Righteousness
If the Lord willJamesFaith, Speech
Wars and fightingsJamesRelationships, Sin
The tongue is a fireJamesSin, Speech
By my worksJamesFaith, Obedience
The royal lawJamesLove, Relationships
Not a doerJamesObedience, Scripture
Let every manJamesCharacter, Speech
Double minded manJamesFaith, Worldliness
Divers temptationsJamesJoy, Temptation
Let us lay asideHebrewsDiscipleship, Sin
Time would fail meHebrewsFaith, Persecution
Now faith isHebrewsFaith, Scripture
So much the moreHebrewsChurch, Faithfulness
Without waveringHebrewsFaith, Promises
Not the very imageHebrewsGrace, Sacrifice
No remissionHebrewsSalvation, Sin
In their heartsHebrewsObedience, Salvation
He did onceHebrewsSacrifice, Salvation
By reason of useHebrewsDiscipleship, Scripture
He himself alsoHebrewsLeadership, Servanthood
In all points temptedHebrewsSin, Temptation
More glory than MosesHebrewsFaithfulness, Testimony
Crowned with gloryHebrewsGospel, Salvation
The express imageHebrewsGospel, Salvation
The Lord is nighPsalmsFellowship, Prayer
Except the LordPsalmsFaith, Stewardship
Wondrous thingsPsalmsCommitment, Scripture
On my sidePsalmsObedience, Salvation
Inclined his earPsalmsLove, Prayer
The beginning of wisdomPsalmsFear, Wisdom
The redeemed of the LordPsalmsSpeech, Testimony
Removed our transgressionsPsalmsForgiveness, Sin
Them that turn asidePsalmsSin, Temptation
Hate evilPsalmsRighteousness, Sin
Number our daysPsalmsServanthood, Wisdom
Full of troublesPsalmsPrayer, Speech
None like unto theePsalmsReligion, Righteousness
All thy wrathPsalmsForgiveness, Mercy
Better than a thousandPsalmsCommitment, Obedience
The God of IsraelPsalmsFaithfulness, Patience
Cast me not offPsalmsDiscipleship, Obedience
Sins are not hidPsalmsCharacter, Sin
Thou art my GodPsalmsDiscipleship, Love
I will not fearPsalmsFaith, Fear
Hide not thyselfPsalmsFellowship, Prayer
Thou hast saved usPsalmsBattle, Victory
We have heardPsalmsSpeech, Testimony
To do thy willPsalmsDiscipleship, Obedience
Plead my causePsalmsBattle, Righteousness
Keep thy tonguePsalmsSin, Speech
It stood fastPsalmsFear, Power
Blessed is hePsalmsBlessing, Salvation
Strengthen your heartPsalmsCourage, Hope
Due unto his namePsalmsPraise, Testimony
Be of good couragePsalmsFaith, Patience
Teach me thy pathsPsalmsFaith, Obedience
And the fulness thereofPsalmsServanthood, Stewardship
And cast lotsPsalmsProphecy, Scripture
We will rememberPsalmsBattle, Victory
Converting the soulPsalmsScripture, Wisdom
Among the heathenPsalmsPraise, Speech
His way is perfectPsalmsFaith, Wisdom
The faithful failPsalmsFaithfulness, Speech
His countenancePsalmsFaithfulness, Victory
To be but menPsalmsFear, Humility
In the morningPsalmsPrayer, Scripture
Day and nightPsalmsBlessing, Scripture
I ought to speakEphesiansEvangelism, Prayer
For this is rightEphesiansFamily, Obedience
Walk circumspectlyEphesiansBattle, Wisdom
As becometh saintsEphesiansSin, Speech
That which is goodEphesiansCharacter, Speech
Less than the leastEphesiansEvangelism, Humility
And were by natureEphesiansLove, Sin
Made us acceptedEphesiansGrace, Salvation
Who is one of youColossiansFellowship, Prayer
Redeeming the timeColossiansDiscipleship, Testimony
No respect of personsColossiansLeadership, Servanthood
Whatsoever ye doColossiansCharacter, Servanthood
Dwell in you richlyColossiansMusic, Teaching
Set your affectionColossiansDiscipleship, Salvation
Rooted and built upColossiansDiscipleship, Salvation
Now hath he reconciledColossiansGrace, Salvation
Being fruitfulColossiansFruit, Knowledge
Since we heardColossiansFaith, Love
The wicked fleeProverbsObedience, Sin
Thy strength is smallProverbsCharacter, Faith
They fly awayProverbsGiving, Greed
All the day longProverbsGiving, Greed
Shall not escapeProverbsConsequences, Sin
A good thingProverbsBlessing, Family
Shall be establishedProverbsCommitment, Obedience
But a false witnessProverbsCharacter, Sin
A prudent manProverbsKnowledge, Speech
Covereth allProverbsLove, Sin
They are all plainProverbsUnderstanding, Wisdom
Bind them continuallyProverbsFamily, Wisdom
Smoother than oilProverbsSin, Temptation
Keep thy heartProverbsHoliness, Wordliness
Instruction of a fatherProverbsFamily, Teaching
The Lord by wisdomProverbsScripture, Wisdom
With thy substanceProverbsBlessing, Stewardship
For length of daysProverbsObedience, Promises
If thou seekestProverbsKnowledge, Understanding
A wise manProverbsUnderstanding, Wisdom
For necessary usesTitusDiscipleship, Obedience
Avoid foolish questionsTitusScripture, Wisdom
A peculiar peopleTitusDiscipleship, Salvation
That they may teachTitusDiscipleship, Family
To exhort and to convinceTitusLeadership, Ministry
Choose you this dayJoshuaCommitment, Leadership
I brought you outJoshuaPower, Testimony
Take good heedJoshuaLove, Worldliness
The Lord deliveredJoshuaFaith, Victory
Give him a placeJoshuaJustice, Mercy
He wholly followedJoshuaFaith, Obedience
The land rested from warJoshuaCommitment, Rest
The Lord fought for IsraelJoshuaPower, Victory
Go up to AiJoshuaMercy, Victory
The Lord shall trouble theeJoshuaRepentance, Sin
They fledJoshuaDefeat, Sin
They took the cityJoshuaFaith, Victory
Given into thine handJoshuaBattle, Faith
Shall be for a memorialJoshuaFaith, Testimony
Passed clean overJoshuaFaith, Promises
As I was with MosesJoshuaFaith, Leadership
Truly the LordJoshuaCharacter, Faithfulness
He is GodJoshuaBattle, Fear
We will doJoshuaDiscipleship, Leadership
Strength and courageJoshuaFaithfulness, Obedience
Let us do goodGalatiansFaithfulness, Servanthood
In due seasonGalatiansBattle, Holiness
Restore such an oneGalatiansSin, Temptation
Even in thisGalatiansRelationships, Sin
Who did hinder you?GalatiansDoctrine, Obedience
Become your enemyGalatiansGospel, Speech
Justify the heathenGalatiansPromises, Salvation
Not justifiedGalatiansGospel, Salvation
Any other gospelGalatiansGospel, Scripture
Which is not anotherGalatiansGospel, Scripture
I am gladRomansDiscipleship, Sin
Their own necksRomansFellowship, Sacrifice
That ye may aboundRomansBlessing, Faith
Another man’s servantRomansJudgement, Servanthood
Be not conformedRomansRighteousness, Worldliness
Their own righteousnessRomansRighteousness, Salvation
For my brethrenRomansEvangelism, Love
Spiritually mindedRomansCharacter, Discipleship
Yield yourselves unto GodRomansBattle, Victory
We were yet sinnersRomansGospel, Salvation
He staggered notRomansFaith, Promises
All have sinnedRomansGospel, Grace
According to truthRomansHoliness, Judgement
The invisible thingsRomansCreation, Knowledge
Ready to preachRomansFaith, Evangelism
To preserve lifeGenesisForgiveness, Mercy
Be over my houseGenesisBlessing, Leadership
And got him outGenesisHoliness, Temptation
The Lord was with himGenesisCharacter, Discipleship
They hated himGenesisFamily, Love
I am God AlmightyGenesisFamily, Promises
Deliver meGenesisFear, Prayer
Leah was hatedGenesisMarriage, Sin
Because the LordGenesisCharacter, Deception
A grief of mindGenesisFamily, Marriage
For he fearedGenesisFamily, Fear
I will goGenesisCommitment, Servanthood
As the Lord hath spokenGenesisFamily, Obedience
Send me good speedGenesisHumility, Servanthood
Abraham was oldGenesisBlessing, Fruit
Caught in a thicketGenesisKnowledge, Promises
And come againGenesisFaith, Obedience
Take now thy sonGenesisFaith, Obedience
As one that mockedGenesisTestimony, Worldliness
Bring them outGenesisPower, Sin
Is any thing?GenesisFaith, Power
And Abram hearkenedGenesisFamily, Leadership
And he believedGenesisFaith, Salvation
Toward SodomGenesisSin, Worldliness
They will kill meGenesisKnowledge, Promises
I will bless theeGenesisBlessing, Obedience
The people is oneGenesisFamily, Teaching
My bow in the cloudGenesisBlessing, Promises
The waters decreasedGenesisJudgement, Salvation
In this generationGenesisJudgement, Salvation
To destroy all fleshGenesisJudgement, Righteousness
Only evil continuallyGenesisJudgement, Mercy
For God took himGenesisDiscipleship, Faith
Cain rose upGenesisObedience, Sin
Coats of skinsGenesisSalvation, Sin
Was more subtilGenesisTemptation, Victory
Thou mayest freely eatGenesisBlessing, Obedience
The breath of lifeGenesisCreation, Sin
And he restedGenesisCreation, Rest
In the beginningGenesisCreation, Sin