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Leah was hatedGenesisMarriage, Sin
Because the LordGenesisCharacter, Deception
A grief of mindGenesisFamily, Marriage
For he fearedGenesisFamily, Fear
I will goGenesisCommitment, Servanthood
As the Lord hath spokenGenesisFamily, Obedience
Send me good speedGenesisHumility, Servanthood
Abraham was oldGenesisBlessing, Fruit
Caught in a thicketGenesisKnowledge, Promises
And come againGenesisFaith, Obedience
Take now thy sonGenesisFaith, Obedience
As one that mockedGenesisTestimony, Worldliness
Bring them outGenesisPower, Sin
Is any thing?GenesisFaith, Power
And Abram hearkenedGenesisFamily, Leadership
And he believedGenesisFaith, Salvation
Toward SodomGenesisSin, Worldliness
They will kill meGenesisKnowledge, Promises
I will bless theeGenesisBlessing, Obedience
The people is oneGenesisFamily, Teaching
My bow in the cloudGenesisBlessing, Promises
The waters decreasedGenesisJudgement, Salvation
In this generationGenesisJudgement, Salvation
To destroy all fleshGenesisJudgement, Righteousness
Only evil continuallyGenesisJudgement, Mercy
For God took himGenesisDiscipleship, Faith
Cain rose upGenesisObedience, Sin
Coats of skinsGenesisSalvation, Sin
Was more subtilGenesisTemptation, Victory
Thou mayest freely eatGenesisBlessing, Obedience
The breath of lifeGenesisCreation, Sin
And he restedGenesisCreation, Rest
In the beginningGenesisCreation, Sin