Our Long-Form podcast

The Abounding Long-Form podcast is a new ministry of alwaysabounding.audio.

We publish daily audio devotionals – 90-second messages highlighting Biblical principles and pointing listeners to Jesus Christ.

A 90-second devotional can provide a valuable reminder or help set our minds on spiritual things each day. But, we also need more in-depth teaching from the scriptures that provide context and detail.

These more lengthy messages from God’s word are intended to help you consider principles and doctrinal concepts more deeply.

They are usually recorded during a Sunday morning class I have taught through the years at Harvest Baptist Church on Guam.

Visit our Long-Form page to find full manuscripts for each episode.

These podcasts will be released weekly. The first series will be ten weeks and it’s called “Learn to Study.” It’s a series about learning to fear God greatly, by learning to faithfully study His word

We’ll jump right into each lesson, as it was recorded, in a classroom setting at church.

We hope you can follow along.

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